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At Brock Medical Malpractice Law PC, the focus is solely on medical malpractice litigation and representing individuals who have acquired injuries at the hands of health care providers. At the foundation of our medical malpractice services is our understanding of the strategies and considerations which are most important in prosecuting medical malpractice cases. We have the comprehensive knowledge of the legal and medical issues, and we have access to hundreds of top experts in a wide range of health care disciplines who assist us in achieving successful outcomes for our clients. Medical malpractice litigation is extremely complex and presents challenges distinct from personal injury law. We have the required experience, knowledge and resources to carry a client’s case to a successful resolution. 

For more information, please contact Gayle Brock at (705) 739-4022.

Omega Medical Associates is a multidisciplinary assessment centre and is led by the medical team of
Dr. Harold Becker, Primary Care Physician, Dr. Lisa Becker, Physiatrist and Dr. Dory Becker, Psychologist. We specialize in comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and forensic analyses of impairment and disability for clients of all ages who have suffered complex injuries. Omega Medical was established in 1992 and our team has completed over 10000 assessments since its inception.

Our Services Include:

OCF-19 Application for Determination of Catastrophic Impairment Comprehensive Catastrophic Impairment Determinations & Rebuttal Evaluations Single and Multidisciplinary Medical Legal Evaluations Tort Assessments, All Specialties Disability Assessments (LTD) Medical & Psychological Assessments for Treatment Planning Physiatry Assessment for Medical Management WSIB Tribunal Medical Reviews.

To learn more about Omega Medical Associates, visit

Oncidium is a proud member of the CloudMD Software & Services (TSVX:DOC) group of companies comprising over 800 dedictaed employees and our oustanding leadership team, steadfast in providing a comprehensive, connected and personalized experience powered by technology that provides fast and direct access to better care. A whole-person approach with an emphasis on continuity of care across mental, physical and workplace safety.

Operating under the Oncidium umbrella are three independently operated IME groups. Our expanded national roster of Medical and Allied Health experts is supported by our outstanding and knowledgeable intake teams and our clinical professionals who provide file triage, quality review of the reports, and act as a resource to assessors and referral sources. We also prioritize utilization of the appropriate assessors to provide you with comprehensive, accurate, and defensible reports.


KRA Health Solutions is a dynamic and trusted Independent Medical Evaluation Centre and a complex injury Treatment facility, with offices located strategically across Canada. KRA has excelled and takes pride in producing high quality, accurate, defensible, cost effective and objective reports authored by a member of our superior team of experts.

We are mindful, and take into consideration that behind each and every referral (complex or not) that there are real people (the patient, lawyer, adjuster, assessor and kra staff) who all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity; considering each person’s individual needs.

It is our duty, that we enable our client’s with the confidence they require to manage and resolve their files in a timely, defensible and cost effective manner.

KRA Health Solutions specializes in a multitude of services including but not limited to:

  • Medical-Legal Evaluations for TORT
  • Medical Malpractice/Standard of Care Opinions
  • Long Term Disability Evaluations/Opinions
  • Catastrophic Impairment Assessments
  • Life Care Planning/Future Care Cost Analysis & Critique
  • Treatment for Complex Injury

For more information please contact:

Darlene Wailes
Senior Practice Lead, Business Development
Medical Legal Division
2255 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M2J 4Y1

Phone: 905-771-9153 ext 524261; Fax: 416-497-4662;
Cell: 416-357-5414

Atria 1, 2255 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 300
North York, Ontario, M2J 4Y1
Tel: 905-771-9153 Fax: 905-771-1177

Established in 1979, McKellar is the first and largest structured settlement firm in Canada. Today, it is Canada’s largest provider of tax-free annuity income for personal injury and wrongful death settlements.

When it comes to structured settlements, McKellar is the most reliable and trusted supplier.  With our industry credibility on both sides of the negotiating table, our size and geographic scope, we continuously demonstrate our commitment to true “value-added” service to our clients.  Through us, you gain access to expertise from the most qualified claims, legal and accident benefit professionals in the industry.  The quality of our people extends throughout all levels of our company.

McKellar…now you’re sure.

Founded in 1950 by a group of doctors and lawyers, the
Medico-Legal Society of Toronto
promotes medical, legal and scientific knowledge, cooperation and understanding between the professions in the interest of justice and in the best interests of patients and clients.

Copyright  MLST ©2022 

Founded in 1950 by a group of doctors and lawyers, the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto promotes medical, legal and scientific knowledge, cooperation and understanding between the professions in the interest
of justice and in the best interests of patients and clients.

Copyright ©2021 Medico-Legal Society of Toronto


You can reach us through various ways, either through the following contacts or social media.

MLST Office:

301-250 Consumers Road

Toronto, ON M2J 4V6
Tel. 416 494 1440 ext. 258 Fax. 416 495 8723


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